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Rachna was professional, responsive and fairly priced.  It was a great deal at $75/hr plus travel expenses for a group of 12 women celebrating my sister's bachelorette party. (total time 2.5 hrs because the bride-to-be did some complicated designs)  We had a fabulous time!  Rachna was well prepared with a book of designs, instructions and a friendly attitude!  I would definitely recommend her for your next party. 


Vallejo, CA, 7/12/2009


I had been thinking about getting some henna tattoos for a while now.  After I saw the tattoos from Henna and Beyond at the Junnoon Yelp Event I decided to get something.  I started reading the information on Rachna site.
I was very intrigued by the information regarding henna cooling the body.  I thought that was so interesting.  I am thinking that it could help a lot of people cool their body temperatures down.
Anyway, I went to Rachna.  She is very kind and sweet.  She listened to what I wanted.  She did both ankles, tops of feet, and a little on each calf in less than 35 minutes.  
I learned a lot for next time.  I need to plan better so I am moving less because some of the henna flaked off too soon, I think, the color didn't sink in enough.  And it is kind of messy.  This of course, is NOT a reflection on Henna and Beyond---she is wonderful, but I am just sharing some info for people that are trying to learn about it.
When you first get it is like "puff paint" on your skin and the longer it stays on the better the "stain".  And when it dries it comes off and is rather messy.  
I liked it.  I will do it again.  And I will go to Rachna because she is sweet, affordable, and I like to help small businesses.  
And regarding henna cooling the body, I don't know if I had it in my head so therefore it did or what, but for the whole week that I had my tattoos, I had to wear socks because I was cool.  Henna or my head?  Don't know.  Try it and let me know.


Terre P.

San Jose,6/17/2009


I used Rachna for my nieces wedding.She was very professional , her mehndi patterns very good. She has a very pleasant personality . Does a mehndi pretest for free. would highly recommend her.Very skilled mehndi artist.

Nina Joshi,

Sunnyvale ,May 14, 2009


Last Saturday, Rachna provided henna services for my daughter's 8th Bollywood Birthday Party. She was amazing! She came all the way to Oakland from Sunnyvale and she was on time.  She was very easy to work with and very professional. I was originally going to use another company, but I saw Rahcna's designs and raving reviews on yelp. Her prices are more reasonable than other henna artist in the area and her designs are amazing.
The girls parents were amazed at how fast she was. She produced one beautiful design after another. She seemed so peaceful and calm as she worked with 17 excited little girls surrounding her.  They were screaming and dancing all around her with Bollywood music blasting, yet she never flinched or seemed bothered by it. She worked with a smile  the entire time. She even fixed several of the girls designs because  they kept bumping into eachother. Even some of the parents got designs.  

Rachna even had little henna info pamphlets. They explained the origin and breif history of henna as well as after care instructions.

Rachna was very accomadating to all of my guests and very pleasant to work with. Many of the guests called me to say how good their designs looked the next day. She was really amazing and made my daughter's  Bollywood party  a smash hit! We will definantely use her services again, and again.

As-a-matter-of-fact, my sister-in-law plans to use Rachna services  next month for her baby shower. I can't wait!

Shaahida Smith

Oakland, May 31, 2009


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  Rachna was great! She is extremely talented and works fast. Originally she was only going to henna my pregnant sister's belly and maybe our family friend but when we saw how nice it looked, my mom and I jumped at the opportunity to squeeze us in. Rachna was very flexible and included us as well. She has been studying the art of henna for years and is very knowledgeable. Not only do I give her 5 stars for her mastery but also for who she is. When you invite a stranger into your home, there is always a chance it could be awkward but we had a grand time. We settled on calling her a hennaista!  Thank you Rachna!

Monica D.

Los Altos,CA


I hosted a baby shower for my sister and Rachna managed to create designs for more than 25 people in under 2.5 hours!  She worked so well with both the adults and the children and everyone was thrilled with their design.  Rachna created a beautiful design for my sister's pregnant belly...it looks wonderful!  She is lovely, professional and reasonably priced.

Nicole W.

Los Altos,CA


I used Rachna for my wedding last month in Woodside.  And she was absolutely amazing.  I combined my rehearsal dinner with mehendi.  Rachna did mehendi for me, my wedding party, and family.  In under three hours, she was able to do beautiful designs for the whole group, and a very detailed and intricate design for me.  I loved how it turned out on my wedding day.  

She was also super nice and wonderful to work with -- I contacted her at the last minute.  She was extremely flexible and was able to work within my schedule and other constraints. She came out with a big book of designs for people to choose from and also designed some on the fly based on people's requests.  Plus, her prices can't be beat!  My mom and aunt are still raving about her to this day.    

I can't recommend Rachna enough!

Sangeetha R.



We used Rachna last May for my wedding, a typically large and boisterous Telegu affair, and she couldn't have done a better job. Very laid back and flexible, easy to reach and coordinate custom designs and timings with (and I was doing that from across the country), able to handle the entire bridal party (9) plus all the aunts and cousins in a few quick hours, and beautiful designs all were pleased with to boot. The color came out really well too. Would definitely use her again for future events!
Meena M
San Jose, CA 


Rachna was Mehndi artist at two weddings this year at our home. Her designs are some of the best that we have seen. She is reliable, dependable and very flexible. She is also very fast. Best of all she is always smiling! In short, I would highly recommend her.

 Bharati Kamdar
Los Gatos, CA


We hired Rachna to do henna on my pregnant wife's belly for a maternity photoshoot. When we found out how reasonably priced her services are, we asked her to do the hands and feet as well. She did an awesome job!  But don't just take our word for it, see the photos for yourself

1. The day Rachna came over to do the work: http://www.door51.com/... and,
2. The Maternity photoshoot we shot the next day: http://www.door51.com/...

We will not hesitate to recommend Rachna to any of our clients looking for to get henna done!

Alex B.,

San Jose.


  "I ordered 20 candles from Rachna as a client appreciation gift for my top clients.  When picking them up, I found out that Rachna actually used several different designs instead of making them all the same.  The candles were a hit with my clients and I received compliments everywhere! Great job Rachna, and more business will follow.  Thank you for making me look good in front of my clients."

Roland Schulz,

San Jose


 Wanted to, again, give a thumbs up recommendation for Rachna and her incredible designs.
I hosted a henna party for around 15 people and she drew a lot of pretty designs.
Everyone at the party was impressed at her skills and enjoyed her sweet personality.
For all your henna decoration needs don't hesitate to call Rachna!


"We first met Rachna from Henna and Beyond at a store opening.
My daughter and got a small henna decoration from her. It was very pretty, detailed and elegant. And it lasted 2.5 weeks! I've had henna done before and it faded or washed off within the week. We hired Rachna for a teen birthday party. There were 8 total and not only did they all get 2 incredible decorations she suggested they all got the same decoration on their arm. That was a real nice touch and the girls liked it.
All the products she uses are natural and the results show really well within 8 hours.
Pretty burnt orange decorations.This birthday party was a success, the girls all loved the experience.I'd do it again"

M.D.,Mountain Veiw


"Rachna did a wonderful job when I hired her to do Mehndi for my daughter’s
birthday party. I appreciated that she was punctual. Rachna offered a wide
variety of designs to choose from. My daughter and her friends loved them
all and were thrilled how beautiful the designs turned out. She worked very
fast, so not only did the girls get 2-3 small designs for themselves—even I
got to a chance to get a couple of designs for myself!  I will gladly
recommend Rachna for Mehndi services. Hope we can work together again in
the future."
Roopa Ghirnikar,Sunnyvale.



"Rachna thank you so much for being part of our company event. Your designs were extremely creative and intricate. You are very talented not only with your body henna designs but also with your candle designs.  Your creativity just flows so freely and it is an amazing experience watching you create beautiful henna designs.  I was very impressed by your talent. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone that is looking for a henna artist - especially bridal henna due to your intricate work."

- Ruchi Nayyar, Foster City.



 " I really enjoyed working with Rachna. I am really glad I picked her to do the mehendi for my wedding. She is really fast and she will do any design you choose. Also, my schedule was very hectic and she was amazingly flexible about scheduling. I also was really glad that she did a trial. I think that a trial is really important, especially when you are getting mehendi done for your wedding. I would definitely recommend Rachna to my family and friends and hopefully we can work together again in the future."

 - Aditi Desai, San Jose.




“I enjoyed your company and you were easy to work with. I had no problem scheduling appointments to meet with you or did not feel any other inconveniences. The color and design of the mehndi was very much as I anticipated and I was very happy with the results. The design was very intricate and clean which was what I was looking for. I'm looking forward to coming to you for future events and I will also send over any referrals.”

 - Sejal Shah,San Jose.




“My guests and I were very pleased with your work.  The designs were intricate and creative.  You were a delight with the children!  The price was more than reasonable for a such a lovely gift my guests could take with them.  In addition, your punctuality and  flexibility were much appreciated.  You will definitely be invited for future events!”

 - Sahar bintAmal, Oakland.




“I want to thank you for doing a wonderful and impressive job on the candles for my engagement party. I was totally satisfied with your service, I like how you communicated with me through out the whole service, you were right on time on notifying me when the candles were complete. Communication is a big part of excellent customer satisfaction and you deserve it 100%. I will refer you to anyone I know, and will be using you again in the near future for my wedding in 2009!”

 - Kamille Singh, San Jose.



“Thanks so much for the Mehendi!  Lots of people came up to me afterwards and said how much they enjoyed and liked your work; and my mehendi *still* looks pretty good.”

 - Shweta




" It was really nice working with you. I think you worked very professionally, and the best part was that the mehendi was really great! Just what we had wanted. Thanks for being patient with us for being late, and thanks for being patient with all the guests.

I cannot comment much on the price - I didn’t shop around much, but I'm guessing that it was on par with most other folks. One thing that kinda caught me by surprise was the mileage charge. Although it’s a reasonable charge, it would have been better to know about it beforehand. Overall, it was really great working with you. Thanks

for the wonderful work.”

 - Rajini Balay , San Jose.