Henna and Beyond

for all your henna needs.


1 tbsp of Henna powder (triple sifted)
5-6 drops of lemon juice
1/4 tsp Essential Oil
Water (at room temperature)

Mix this into a smooth paste and keep aside for minimum 8-10 hours.Fill Applicator tubes and Enjoy!

Note: The color/stain of the henna design varies on the body chemistry,body heat and the after care taken.

Mehandi cools your body, so if you have fever/temperature or a cold please do not apply it.

It is always recommended to get a sample prior the main event to check for color.

**The henna paste we use is always fresh for every application and hence recommend to book an appointment at least 6-8 hours before you want it done.

What to do before and after the Henna application?

Before the application and for the best color

*     Exfoliation of any kind(manicures,pedicures,etc) should be done before getting henna on your hands and legs.

*     Keep the area where you would like to have your henna design done free of any moistuizers or lotions.


After the application and for the best color 


*     The color/stain of henna lasts for upto 2 weeks and reaches its peak after the first 24 hours of application. 

*     Normally the artist takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 5-6 hours depending on the design and the level of detail in the work done.

*    As henna starts drying, we apply a mixture of lemon juice and sugar with cotton (mix juice from one large lemon with 1/4 teaspoon sugar).  Application of this mixture is limited to a maximum of 3 times. This mixture acts as a sealant and does not let the henna to flake off everywhere.

*   A person who has a tendency to perspire a lot should apply only once.

You can cover the henna pattern with toilet tissue paper if required; but it should be aired well.

*   Keep henna in contact with skin for minimum 2 hours and maximum 6-8 hours. The longer you leave on the design the better the color. However, if the henna starts flaking in 2-3 hours do not worry. Try and keep hands dry for the first 24 hours of henna application as henna oxidizes the most in that duration

*   Also warmer the hands are, better the color; so it’s a good idea to subject your hands to heat for a few minutes every hour.

*   Since the henna paste is kept on for a long duration of time it may so happen that you may find it a little bit difficult to remove it of your skin, in this case 10 minutes before removing the henna apply any(edible will also work) oil. The oil helps to soften the henna and makes it easy to remove it off your hands.

*   Remove the dried henna with blunt side of a butter knife. Remove the excess oil with tissue.

*   For the best results with the color we recommend to avoid contact with water for 24 hours. This helps the henna to reach its deepest color before it starts to fade away.

*   Chlorine water and salt water is bad for henna color, so avoid that.

*   Henna color stays on for around 2 weeks (depending on the how often it comes in contact with water) and then fades away gradually.

*Enjoy your henna while it lasts and then come back for more :).